Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Fishing at School

We had a really fun day at school when we tried fishing. After we had read a book called Topsy and Tim go fishing, we made our own bright and colourful fish.  

We cut them out and attached paperclips to their mouths.

Mrs Calvert made rods from metre rulers and wool then attached magnets to the end of the wool. 

We all had a turn at fishing for our fish. Girls put all their fish in the pink bucket and boys in the blue.

Now we counted the fish to check who had caught more.  
We decided the boys had caught more fish because room 2 has more boys than girls his year.

We read, drew, coloured, cut and did maths about fishing and tomorrow we are going to write about it too. What a fun way to learn! 

The Rattletrap Car

We started the school year reading a great picture book.  It was called the The Rattletrap Car by Phyllis Root, illustrated by Jill Barton.

We worked with a peer to make a rattletrap car out of 2D shapes. We talked about the what was similar and different about our cars.
Some had circular wheels while others had hexagonal. We used rectangles and squares also.

We used the shapes to trace around and draw our car onto paper. Come and visit our class and look at our cars, they are on the wall!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Welcome to our blog

Welcome to Room 2's blog for 2015.  
Mrs Calvert is our teacher this year. We have 24, year 2 and 3 super learners. 
We look forward to sharing our exciting learning journey this year with you.